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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Its a privacy .

Hello guys . Well this is just not right . And im totally made a mistakes . Ive been unhonest . And kind of rude . Okay , actually there is a diary there . And i did told my self do not open it . Do not read it . But well, i guess cant stop become someone full with curiousity dont you ? Siapa tahan , sorry to say . Yeah kadang kadang manusia buat silap . kan ? And this is my mistakes i think . And i faham i sendiri pun akan marah kalau ada yang baca diary i and pretend like nothing happen . Ouh men ! That sucks ! Serious wey , i akan marah gilaaaa if i dapat tahu orang tahu tentang my privae privacy . Ouh man ! Orang yang macam tuh memang tak boley dipercayai . Like me too i think . Sorry i just DID ! accidentally . Okay . bukan dengan sengaja . Sebab benda dah depan mata kot and benda tuh terbukak and i terbaca sikit . Im sorry wey tak disengajakan . Maaf . I know its your privacy me too ! But yeah  , benda dah ada depan mata . Macam kucing , ikan dah ada depan mata nak tinggal macam tuh je ke ? Takkan . Atleast dia mesti jilat sikit . kan ? Just assume macam tuh jelah wey . So dalam pengajaran nie dan utk diri i sendiri . Its like . Please do keep safely our private stuff . Jnagan berselerakkan . Dan jangan belajar sikap TIDAK AMANAH ! " Ouh lynda awak sangat tak AMANAH! " Im sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sangat . :( 

What we are today is result of our own past action , 
Whatever we wish to be in future depends on our present action,
Decide how you have to act now.
We are responsible for what we are, whatever we wish ourselves to be . 
We have the power to make ourselves . 

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