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Thursday, August 4, 2011

kenapa ?

People surround me . Happier and so lucky . Am i not lucky ? Or am i too lucky cause God doesnt create man to fall and break my heart ? Is that true ? I am wondering why i doesnt have a bf ? Its not that i dont want and its not that no one want me . Cause there is something might hurt me if i have relation . Broken heart ? Or scared of people keep cheating and never be faithfull in their realationship? That not okay . Right ? For your information i do jelous of my friends who does have a couple . Cause i dont . I need one . But i cant . That its . I dont even have the answer . I need love yes i do  . And i really need it . And i just cant . humm . Pray to god and wish for me , One day i will open my heart and accept what ever whoever come and do love me for honestly :)

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