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Monday, August 8, 2011


Mom : If you not willing taking a challenge , you will be single the rest of your life just like your aunty.

I am worried now .

Bytheway, yeah , before im not willing taking any challenge or chances that i have . Cause i scared but now when im ready and everyone i met like .

" You , im just not ready . "
" I like you " next day one girl text me " why you have to act so bitchy and try to flirt with my bf ? " that SUCKS.
" I love you more than you know " for like amonth we've knew each other you love me like this, there is NO WAY IM GONNA BELIEVE IN YOU . :)

That is some reason why i have my own reason . And from my reason i have my own perception.

I need someone now. I never needed anyone, but now I need someone. Yet, I’m alone. I’m more alone then I ever been. Because, there’s more people now. More people who supposedly love me but don’t. More people who say they care but they never show they do.  But, God, how I wish I had just one person. I would give anything to have someone love me. Someone who will hold me and let me cry. I don’t have that. I never really had. It’s getting so hard to keep going. I wonder if there’s anyone who really does care. If there’s anyone who I can talk to when I need to. But, it’s just impossible. No ones there for me. And now, after all these years of being alone … I don’t even really want them there. sometimes i feel like a lost soul just drifting through life .

Every people has their own perception from life and from love.When we talk about life all of us will think about their thoughts either positive nor negative.In positive perception all rejoinder would be in a beautiful outlook somebody will says,Life is wonderful, Life is unpredictable, Life is meaningful, Life is so short or else while in negative perception all answers would be in a stupid manner like when you ask someone that has their own world. Now, when we talk about love all perception would be, “Love is blind” of course that’s the no. 1 quotes about love and when you ask them why? they just answer you, “I don’t know?” while other says, “Love is selfish, Love is complicated or else Love is crazy.”Our perception in life is the understanding of one’s soul. This could be your own opinion or others opinion that you heard. You don’t care if it is good or bad as long as you stand up and believe in it.When begins about love,“I want to love someone like me,
loving equally and balance. No emptiness by giving me an equal attention. Just simply little thoughts of commitment ,but full of time to love.Because I am for what you are.”When we talk about myself or yourself,All things that good to yourself are need to be serious but handle it with limitation.From love, from friends and even from your study for you to have a rare future. And my last perception was the half of my experience in life when I used to sacrifice one of my greatest dreams,When you lost they, realized you better than idiot but it’s too late because you decided to give up to becoming one of them. They lost by judging you, your weaknesses,your lousiness, you became paranoid.And then you still continue to run and stand up for what you believe. After all and everything they don’t know that this is the reason of everything you have now…Love that have a peace of mind and Life that full of happiness and meaning Because of them you’ve found the greatest treasure in your life… After everything from now,the most isolated bacteria is the best virus for a philosopher . 

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