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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My life has been pretty much boring and lame .

Well guys its feels like a years ive been seating at home . Becoming homesick . Like i never thought that i will be like the one . There is something different when im become " Homesick " . Like i still having the same problem without same depressed . Yeah , i dont think it too much cause i always has my mom by my side . I LOVE HER for sure . :)  Well, my daily routine sucks . And not much you can do when you stay at one medium house . Im not a daughter to big succes bussinessman or else to stay at one big bungalow or what . But im still lucky cause i still have one medium home , with one big love . Continue back to my daily routine . Yeah , sometimes its sucks . Let me tell you what im gonna do as soon i wake up from my bed . :)
  1. errr ! MORNING! im just wake up . LOL . 
  2. Im gonna check my phone first . And this is sucks cause NONE missed call or mcg . Actually my fault too never replied text mcg or call then keep complaining why i didnt get all freaking call or text.NOOB
  3. I wont take shower just after i wake up . 
  4. After half and hour then i go to bathroom :) 
  5. I akan sapu rumah , basuh baju and sidai baju . 
  6. Prepare for lunch selalu nya my mom yang masak and i just prepare je lah :) 
  7. Evrything is settled , I will seat on the sofa holding my lappy . and i will start browsing like till next morning . Like seriously . i will . 
  8. So then nanti kena bebel with my mom . ;p
This is my boringg routine that i always do like everyday . But sometimes kalau i bosan gila i will like decorate my rooms back . Bilik kecik je kot nak decorate macam bilik Princess . Eeeew -.-' I jarang nak keluar lepak . But if i had . 2 3 hari I tak balik rumah . I will stay at my Bff Hommie which is my mom pun tahu dimana . :) SO that will not make my mom worries . That is why I LOVE HER . My mom dah mula percayakan i balik . Like the old time :) Ouh , by the way talking bout my bedrooms . Like usually my bed is Pink and light yellow ! But but but ! its gonna to be changed ! My mom bhough the colour that i really really love . RED . and supposed to be two wall . So one is dark Pink and the other one is red ! :p Okay This is NICE . Ouh yeah  Plus when i didnt do any jobs . I feels so free to be hangin out with my friends . And the best thing is i will spent so much time with my family  . Compare lah kan , before if i keja . like 24,7 okay . and i memang akan susah nak amik cuti . Unless betul betul urgent . Cause i will focus on my work . Yeah , Im workaholic person when i had a job and i will like homeless person when i dont have any kind of job . Okay . So family and friends please stop bebel and appriciate okay atlease i tebus 3tahun kerja keras i dengan 1tahun i spent time with all of you . :) weeee ** ayat cover  je . Padahal memang selalu kena bantai . ;p  Too many of thing that ive learned . From the best . From the Loser . And i get so much more of experience  . Insyallah , I will keep it up :) Well my life has been pretty much boring and lame but when i got family and friends . Nothing more lame than not having them :) . THANKS .

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