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Saturday, August 6, 2011

There is a lot of thing need to be tell :)

  1. Wake up call from outside of my bed , urghh its like 11am . Okay that early okay . urghh -.-
  2. Take my self goin to shower. okay . Im damn smelly.
  3. Open my closet and searching for like ten shirt and what should i wear . 
  4. Okay be green ! that cool on Friday , isnt ? LOL
  5. Grab my fone and start to texting " are you done ? " sending to Fenz Momo. 
  6. Okay half and hour after that, im ready to going out ! 
  7. Well, like we deal on lastnight its should be like 1pm . But here its " JANJI MELAYU" 2.36pm . 
  8. Meet her and she was like passing one pink bottle of Strawberry juice?Okay,im off PUASA today . :p
  9. We straight goin to hair saloon and get done ! There its ! We look stuning ! arent we ? 
  10. Start to looking for like more 16more birthday present for my BFF gf . Damn . that a lot . 
  11. Okay im jelous , cause for like 5years you never give me that !LOL . HAHA
  12. In hour we start to grab anything in one blink of eyes . Okay 11present already ! 
  13. 8more . urghh ~ we heading to Gurney Plaza and we staright go to the Famous Amos .
  14. 6chocolate there ! sandra you gonna be fat ! like seriously . you will . haha 
  15. Got a call from sandra she is on the bridge now .And we like mess up . so got to got .
  16. In prangin now . And our plan like "HANCUR" What a big suprise "KONON" . HAHA
  17. Meet sandra , **hugs and kiss . LOL rinduke ?? ABSOLUTELY YES ! 
  18. Having chit chat at Starbucks coffee, smoke here and there and im laughing . 
  19. Okay its about time .
  20. We heading to one bistro there got some nice food and quite nice live band , isnt ? LOL.
  21. Okay,Here its!a small sweet 19 cake of Sandra,and one big box full with 19gift inside!LUCKY YOU!
  22. WE smile, we laughing we chat . Too many thing come up when all gulfie seat on in one big table .
  23. What more you need when you are around all you Bestfriend , am i right ? 
  24. What the lovely night . Ofcourse i had a great day and a great night with all of them . 
  25. And ofcourse . Im so happy . even there is something imm scared off . 
  26. As you know, 4.50am, " Selamat Bersahur for 6day of Puasa "  . 
p/s: my appointment on medical check up will be on 10am . Pray for me everything gonna be okay please .

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