Fellas :)

Monday, August 29, 2011


Hey guys . Ada banyak yang i nak ceritakan kat korang . Tapi tulah bila ada idea je mesti diri tak sehat :( Nak nangis nie. Demam teruk nie :( Actually its happen this afternoon . Yea .. i went to one cookies shop and that time was like hell heavy raining . :(  And i memang pantang kena hujan and YES i kena hujan sebab kena ulang alik dalam keadaan hujan tuh . :(  So dalam kereta memang terketaq ketaq lah i kan . -.-' . Itu satu bab . And i tak perasan apa apa lagi . But dia datang masa i nak pergi ke Straits Quay berbuka puasa , masa tuh i rasa whole body shaking and i hilang selera like hell . Demam . Dalah tak cukup tido dek diganggu cousin i . OMG . Boley bayangkan how i feel that time ? I was so weak . But still i need to SHOPPING . Yes , i bhought couple of blouse . Sort of . And Its happen in hour hours and i did complete all the thing that i need . Just staright go and buy . No need to be wonder  , That is just not me . Id rather not going to any boutique if i know i wont buy anything . That is why i kinda dont like when having window shopping entering here and there boutique but what i get? Nothing on myy hand ? ID RATHER NOT GOING OUT FOR SHOPPING . haha . Am i right ? Well, thanks Bobby ! sudi teman shopping  ! Well, atleast i buy for you a pair of singlet's and Guns and roses tee ? ISnt ? Thanks Again . :) What more im goin to tell you guys ? Ouh yea, I almost hit one car again ! OMG . This will make me more scared to drive alone ! Sorry . i wont drive any car start from now :) Okay this is making this story more cute . Okay , By night im goint to Someone house which is one of my uncle . I cant list his name here cause im scared they will be a stalker here . haha .Okay im sending some cookies that they already made order with my aunty . So when im going there . I meet him <3 Yes him <3 I miss him ! OMG . Like hell , i cant even stare at him . Even in a blink of my eyes :) OMG . I didnt say hye or anything im just smile all the way while im in his house . Cause my aunty and his father having some conversation there . OMG .Then sebabkan malu and i langsung tak ada point nak bercakap i went to car first and playing my silly hp there . Then dengar aunty i nak balik . I pun masuk salam dengan semua . STill i tak pandang muka dia . Like hell i malu . -.-' Then when i sampai dekat kereta and my aunty masih sempat borak ngn kakak dia . And he was like stariing at me . And i tau dia tau i malu nak pandang dia . HAHA. He hold by his big large door ! Pintu gerbang dia tu , terangkat angkat tangan duk bye bye . Ask mama kalau tak percaya . And i was like . " mama , dia bye bye " . OMG OMG . hahahahah Well, insyallah raya kedua his whole family will visit us at umah tok ! So on raya keempat we will next at his house ! :) OMG cant wait to see him :D AGAIN. Well, nak tau kenapa i was like crazy bout him ? He cute ! He low profile ! He sweet ! Such of so friendly ! And sangat hormat pada orang orang tua like seriously YES . He is . That is why i like him :) So that its ! I need to off . Urgh migrain is killing me.Bye guysssssssssss :D

: everything is killing me softly :(