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Sunday, September 4, 2011

20 Wishlist on my 20th birthday :D

 Hello guys !! Ask me what i feel now ?Im so fucking excited to make this entry . Nak tahu kenapa ? I jelous bila semua pakat dok buat wishlist bila birthday diorang nak sampai . So this is my wish list ! OMG ! Okay , so you had so many choice to make ! OMG :D Im so excited :D Maaf, im get to over react :D LOL .

I think this is the most expensive gift ! HAHA . But i need new phone please :D

Okay , handbag ! One of my fav thing when i go for shopping . So i dont care which kind of bag , but make sure leather and big :D

Okay , let go to spectacles boutique and pay for my new spectacles :D I DONT LIKE WEARING CONTACT LENSE :D

Okay this one is IPHONE4 . Okay mahal jugak . NEXT ! HAHA

Okay , ini bukan wishlist i je . But my whole family ! HAHA . I NEED A JOB !

I bukan lah jenis pemakai jam . But i nak buat koleksi jam ! ATleast satu pun jadi . Make sure pilih jam yang tak sensitif . :D Besi biasa i akan alergic -.-' serious , bukan mengada .

New wedges .! But i nak C&K , JC or ALDO . Yang lain takpayah  . haha

Give me one flip flop from ROXY ! I need ! :D

Compact powder . Memandangkan birthday i , and bedak i pun nak abih . So i masukkan sekali . HAHA . :D

MuSic BOX Pleaseeeeeeee ! :D Make sure yang classic , yang colourfull tak minat okay .

I need him on my birthday !! PLease !! **okay , jangan perasan kau anak Tan Sri okay . HAHA .As my wish i need a man which is suite to be a HUSBAND . Not a man can make me more worst  . : D so guys kenal2kanlah to someone ! LOL.           - Hormat i and family - Loving -Caring - Good Future insyallah -Terima I seadanya- Trust me , i need one yyang chubby putih :D hahaha ada ada make sure tinggi lah . and tak selekeh :D                                                                                                                  

I dont want a big cake . I only want a small tiny cuupcakes :D pleaseeeeeeee :D

Bracelet ! Nak sangat bracelet nie ! Pleaseee, silver pun jadilah :(

Need one cause mine out of stock LOL

New purse please ! Leather one . Cause since my leather purse is gone, i didnt by a new one yet . Im only use the old one . so pleaseeeeee. :D hehehe LOL

Singlet should be okay , cause selesa pakai singlet and cardigan :D

Lip gloss, natural colour ;D

Im only NEED A WHITE TEDDY BEAR . Make sure bulu dia halussssss :D

White gold please :D Argh , i know you cant . HAHA any silver ring accepted :D

Cardigan ! Cause i love to wear it . :D
 : Ouh lupa , my birthday on 27.9 :D THANKS :D