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Thursday, September 8, 2011

The best thing is :)

A best friend, a person only has one real, true best friend.
A best friend is not only someone you have a good time with, it is also someone you believe you can trust your life with. 
A best friend is the first person you call when the most amazing things happen in your life, and when the most horrific things happen. 
A best friend is the person you will always remember no matter what happens. 
A best friend is almost like real family. 
A best friend gives the opinion you usually care most about.
A best friend is the one who tells you the things you absolutely need to hear regardless of whether you want to hear it or not. 
A best friend is the person you usually can be around always and never get sick of. 
A best friend is someone you don't envy, and is the person you are grateful to have as a friend. 
A best friend is the one who will forgive you always, even when you've screwed up. 
A best friend is someone you will never lose.

 Okay this is just a quotes . Enjoy :D  . Okay , that not totally just that okay .

Here the thing is I feels like im a tourist at my own place ! Damn it ! Yes ! HAHA . Funny when think it back . Chilling only ME and KYA . Nak tahu kenapa ? Cause kitorang dah pernah lepak like thousand time and this is the only day that we spent time like both of us . So feels like so awkward . :D HAHA . I bet you too NAJAT. :D Well, like always smoke dah jadi macam adat bila kami berjumpa . " hisap rokok dulu .. " This is what she loves too say . And she love to do it . :D So chill at Starbucks around 15minutes . We go for lunch . Not we lah actually . She had her lunch earlier when she waiting for me . :D LOL . Sorry , who ask you didnt call me earlier :D So dia just temankan je :D Thanks bytheway tunggu i makan punya lama , kan ? :D Dah kenyang perut boley pulak nak pegi kerusi urut . HAHA . But, pity her , she only have 1pieces of RM1 . And im only have 1 pieces of RM1 . so then , her RM1 cannot go in ! Lucky me , i can ! Pity you , Booo :D HAHA . 

This is the best part! WAIT . Still got the awesome part ! :D The best part is , im feels like im so silly . We made a choice time for KAROAKE ! ** am i  right wit the spelling ? Okay , let it be . Singing all Raya songs like 4 of them . And all is out of keys . Okay that sucks. And she cant stop laughing so do i . Okay! -.-' More silly i am when im sing a song by HUJAN , PAGI YANG GELAP . Memang gelap hidup i masa tuh . HAHA . Singing like hell . Tempo semua lari . Ouh mai gad .! I dont know why that time all seems not right ! HAHA . What ever is still having fun . :D  And yeah , i sing like 8 song of them . And kya just seat at the sofa and laughing like hell . Boooo again ! :D

This is the awesome part !  We take a ride of " BECA"  . 
See, cantikkan ?? But its too bad ! We are not take this beca -.-' This beca from Mallaca ! See how's creative Malacca people ! Booo Penang " penarik beca " . Okay , maaf kutuk tempat sendiri . But pleaselah upgrade sikit . Penang dah jadi tempat yang agak MENARIK perhatian pelancong kan ? But kalau beca tuh macam nie ? >>>>

 See, too simple ! And tak da nafsu nak naik ! I dengan kya tadi pun macam . " ee, nak naik ke tak ? " Of course we are . Beca langsung tada tarikan NAFSU ! HAHA . Atleast decorate something so that tourist pun ada hati nak naik . That is why beca kat penang kurang -.-' . So please, do alert ! But disebabkan " sangap " or teringin nak naik beca . We guys naik jugak . Tak mahal kalau nak compare penat lelah diorang kayuh dari Prangin Mall until Padang Kota Lama . Rm10.00 . Maybe murah kot . -.-' Should be mahal sikit . Please , jangan compare dengan Taxi . Cause taxi using petrol ! And yelah cepat lagi sampai kan ? But beca tak . you gusy can enjoy everything . Serious, you guys will feels like tourist in own places ! OMG . HAHA. Mula mula malu jugak cause ramai yang tengok . But then who care's ? Just pretend we are TOURIST . HAHA . So then perasaan malu tuh pun hilang :D Best kan ? You guys should try ! Take a ride . Nothing to lose :D This is fun and exciting thing ever ! I dengan kya pun happy and we are having fun :D Sorry kya gf  ! :D 

So then sesampai je di Padang Kota Lama . Kitaorang berjalannnnnnnnnnn pulak whole Padang Kota , and pergi area cruise . Take a look  STAR CRUISE ! So big ! Nak Naikkkkkkkk cruise jugak ! -.-' Pleaseeeeeee.... :D HOHO . Penat jugaklah berjalan . But its totally fun :D Serious shit weyh ! :D Then ada gerai tolak tuh , pekena rojak calit , air kelapa and air nenas kot :D Then kitorang sambung berjalan ke jety ! Best kan? HAHA . Bila sampai di jetty kitorang chill are QE2. So then tengok kapal kapal laut laut . HAHA . So coool :D half and hours jugaklah ada sana . Then we take a bus and going back to Prangin ! And waiting for her gf :D 

By night , we going to Coffee Island :D Even supposed i should go celeb birthday with my cousin . But i didnt because they dont want it . The reason is . " KYA JELOUS CAUSE BOB MACAM NAK FLIRT DENGAN GF DIA ? " OMG that shouldnt be a topic or a reason . Kya , like honesty , i know well, my cousin look like . And if he did wanna flirt he wont try your gf . Cause your gf not the type that he liked . He loved a girls with a big cheeks :D Okay . That is the fact. He just kidding around . LOL . Dont take it soooooooo serious -.-' He into someone else -.-' That the fact . OMG . OMG OMG .
Who say Penang tak ada most exciting chill place ! Here is my favourite place ever :D Lahh , bila ada sen lebih lah . Sebab agak expensive jugak kot . :D You guys boley chill with angin laut nye , music nya , orang orang . si dara dan teruna yang datang chill memang hot setuppp lah yang dtg . HAHA . Like us ! HOt ke weyh? HAHA  . So bila dah duduk satu meja. Apa lagi cerita cinta si Fenz lah yang keluar . Sebagai pendengar yang setia . :) I tekun mendengar dan mengkritik begitu jugak yang lain . 
This is my drinks ! Blue Hawain ! :D Fav drink ever :D
And this is the guys drinks :)
And chicken nugget , its only like 6pieces :D 

Mushrooms soup :) AS our supper :)
 So all cost only RM48.83sen :)

So what more ? I had  a great day ! With a great buddies ! And yeah , im having alots of fun :D Yeah  ! :) Guys , you always chill me anytime anyhow . Even sometimes , yeas , you guys annoy me . So do i ! Well , we are right ?HAHA . Ouh bytheway . Too bad . All our handphone is out off batery . No picture taken :( saddddddddd ;D Love you guys .

Morning peeps . its 6.09am. Better im off to bed :D 

Reality is my enemy, It crushes my dreams , Make believe cradles me in a world that could never be , But when you dream you wake up , And life is never as good , Cause you and me in reality , Will never be as great as we could , In my dreams your great to me , But in life we are in a strife , If I dreamed away my life , I'd wake up empty.

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