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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fuck isnt?

Hey Guys. 
Feels like ayears that i dont seat on this situation .To mad of someone .To be worried of someone .
And now in one day . I feel all of that .And make me worried bout everything . Feels like wanna be gone and gone and forget about everything . Like hell im so pressure now . 

Let me tell you the first case .
His name is Fero . And He not single .He the one try to flirt with me . And i just act like nothing going to be happen . Cause He just my friends not more . And her wife act like bitch . Maki hamun sana sini . Okay im not blaming her  because jelous ofcourse . She got right to be mad -.-' But well, still the thing is IM NOT THE PERSON YOU COULD BLAME OFF .

Second case .
Im use to be closed with him . But now not anymore . Im getting sick of him . So i left him . 
Before this whatever he gave to me . He never ask for return . But then well this shit happen . He ask me like hell . So i guess, what should i pay you ? Im not askin you .You're the one who giving me everything ,right fucker ?Nahh, now you made made. Cause like seriously , im getting so pressure . Like hell yeah i did -.-' I know that is SOMEONE MONEY . But I didnt ask you too . So i got my right to pay back or not . Bytheway , You are someone in publisher! So dont make me made something . Humm, pleasee. stop pushing me . I hate it .

Third case .
Someone girlfriend, jelous of me . Like hell weyh! Im with your boyfriends not even have phone number lah wey . Eeee, kenapalah sbila nak berkawan pun dijadikan satu kes yang berat ? -.-' Urgh . Btw, your bf is no my type . Okay , Its good when you remove and block me . Cause im thinking the same . Thanks :) 

Fourth case.
My ex Bf, Girlfriends . Okay , ini lagi fuck . He is my ex . And ofcourse kadang kadang terlebih bergurau or something . Cause we were now like BFF .So please you shouldnt has that arrogant atitude . Make you look idiot . -.-' Cause in the end my ex boyfriends aka your boyfriends is backing me up . Dont you see it ? Such a waste when you try to argue with him with a small matter okay . That sucks :) 

So with all of this shitty make me more pressure .Like hell , please kill me someone . I cant stand any of pressure more .Enough what i had now . To many sucker . Please , i dont want to get any closer with anyone. Im try to be good with all those people but atlast im the one who look bad -.-' Okay . This is not okay .Im not that bitchy okay.-.-' Please im crying because this is too pressure me -.-' 


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