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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Gegaran ?


newssssssssss !

Okay you guys can click on that N E W S ! 

Here the thing lahh , i was going to tell you guys . what exactly happen and what exactly i feel .

You guys dont care ? Like i care ? Huuuhh ~ sigh*

Okay , The thing isssssssssssssssssssss ! I baring atas katil , Get my lappy on , Im start to surfiing ! OMG ! Banyakkkkkkkkkkk gila yang i nak kena STALK ! Yeahh , admit . kadang kadang i am the great STALKER ever ! OMG . Stalker utk kenal orang tuh bukan stalker utk menjatuhkan orang tuh . ada dua jenis stalker so korang pilihlah ye .. :p

So while i tengah seronokk tengah otw nak climax online cause mata i dah berat . All because slepping pills yang i amik . Okay . This is not good . jangan cuba cuba nak amik sleeping pills . its not  good for you ! you , and YOU! NO ! Okay . So i was like so freaking sleepy . And T I B A - T I B A !!!

I rasa katil i macam boat dekat laut . Do you know how its feel ? Berombak macam tuh lah . Then i nak make sure kan . Air mata i dah bergenang , and i was like seram sejuk . Scary okay . Keluar bilik . I saw no one . Gelap je . My mom keluar . Direct i call my mom . Told her everything . And im so nervous  like hell . But too bad . She dont believe me ! But still i ask her to come and pick me up RIGHT THE WAY !

Guess what ?? SHE DID !! I LOVE YOU MOM .

And one more thing ! GUESS WHAT ??

Im only wearing pyjama ! And my hair look so damn messy . Okay , dalam kes macam ni nak fikir tentang how do i look again , memang patut matila kan  . And i was like Urgh I DONT CARE . ! HAHA

So atlast sampai jugak dekat Hospital . Like everything happen in 10minutes . Earthquake , nervous , driving to hospital in 10minutes . Okay . great ! Tak sia sia ada kereta terbang ! :D :D

Sampaiiiiiiiiii je kat hospital , Ouh yeaa, korang mesti tanya kan why i kat hospital . Actually my younger sister . Demam panas kuat kot . 39.5 . Doctor takut denggi , so again check darah . Thanks god tada apa apa . So she can leave now ........... ! :D

But thats not the point apa yang i nak bagitau you guys  . Its about im seating at  the chair . And too many f guys attendant there . OMG . I was like so messy . WTF . Selalunya tak ramai . But that day ramai  pulak ? dah kenapa ? Sengaja kan -.-' But then i tengah messy still ada yang cuba cuba nak mengatai , Okay ! Memang jelingan maut dia dapat . HAHA .

So then everything settle , we drive home safely :) Alhhamdulillah . Nothing much actually . Saja nak besar besarkan cerita . HAHA

Ouh yea , lupa . Kalau i nak mati . what i need too is my mom there ! ATLEAST my family is by my side while i close my eyes especially my mom . Even selalu bertekak apa pun . My mom is my priority . No matter what . I still need her to be by my side . I love you mom .

: I think , penyakit i datang balik .This time 2 tempat bengkak . Okay . Mula i nak risau sampai mati -.-'

Thanks guys ! BYEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

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