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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hey guys !
Okay, since I haven't something specific to write about, I guess I have to share some thoughts.. Well, this is the deal: I feel lonely; boyfriend-wise. Because, well.. I don't have one. I don't to cry about it or something, it's just that now that time has come I would love to have a boyfriend to go for walks by the sea or at the park. Simple things, I miss the simple ones.If only some of you can understand how this feels  wanting someone to have feelings for, and then can't have any when the time comes OR wouldn't allow yourself to enjoy it. It has happened to me three times already, I'm hurting people I like and could possibly love because I try to push them away. Afraid that something big can happen? I am.

: Don't get to sad for me please.. I'm okay I just have to fix that thing I have.
Let go and live a little :)

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