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Thursday, September 8, 2011

I love to hugs people but they dont .

This picture its just a warn.
Did you guys feels what i feel ? 
Did yo feel like you love someone 
Care about them 
Trying so hard to make their happy 
Try not to break their hearts 
Try as hard you can just to make them feel better ?

You dont care about others What you care is what you feel .  .

This is what i feel . I think im the one who trying so hard in everything . Spent time, stay with them .Urgh .
This is sucks . I dont like this kind of situation .Here the thing . There is an APPLE and there is an Grape .
Both i love. Both i need. They are like my vitamin.And im trying so hard not to stay apart , put them a side because of what ? Because i need this APPLE and this GRAPE so much . If they not there with me, im feeling so weak. And slowly im dying .I wont bite so harsh . I will try to make it in a smooth way . I will try so hard not to waste anything with them . Im crying now . Yeah , Im typing  this entry while my tears keep falling down .Dont you feel it?  APPLE and GRAPE the person that i love and i need them . I cant lose one of them .Its feels like something is missing when they are not around .Tell me what should i do ? Tell me what should i act ? I still need APPLE and GRAPE. I wanna share my day with them . I wanna be happy with them . I wanna we had a long day , chilling , laughing  and many more . I wanna share with you guys . Include you guys , APPLE and GRAPE .Im a bit dissapointed . And i know we can do anything just to take care other heart but other people maybe cant . Im crying now, cause the one i loved make me feels separated . I know there always had a reason. Its okay honey. I will try not to make you guys feels down .Cause for me you guys the best thing i had . Even im feeling down now but im okay . I will still smile even inside im crying.

: I can still having a glass of wine with those that i feel "UNCOMFORTABLE" .
Because sometimes not the only one heart that we have to take care of, but people around .

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