Fellas :)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I told yaa I'll get what i want :D

This is what i dream of :)
Finally with blessed i got it in HALAL way guys . -.-
Najat, dont dirty mind . HAHA . I got it from someone i knew :) 
And of cause i love you :)
Thanks for everything honey :) 
For you i think this will be like nothing dont you ? 
But for me this is something .
Well, if you guys follow my blog surely you guys already read my previous post 
And guess what ?
One of my wishlist comes true! 
Well, i told you guys ill get what i need and what i want :D
Heee, Im soo excited till i get my nerv like hell.
Well, my eyes turn white when i see a plenty of money just left me that way . 
Such a waste actually . I can shopping like hell i think . HAHA
But its okay . My phone already look like -.-' Understand by yourself :D
What more ? Partayy on nextweek ! More excited actually ! 
Well , the first person i show this phone actually supposed to show at Fenz . 
But then she too busy and Kya be the first one :) 
Hehe . well, kind of clumsy when i use this phone . Awkward -.- 
Macam budak baru belajar . 
yeah yeah yeah 
Im so excited . Annoy ? Get yourself out of here please . Thanks .
And by night chilling with this to freaking person . 
Kya and Fenz :D
I should meet my cousin . 
But then i didnt go .
Because Fenz force me too -.-'
Okay .
But still 
I love you bro .*cousin
Again and again . Thanks sayang . For this freaking handphone . 
Appriciatte alot and i love you ofcourse :)