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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Let me love you .

I wish i was her :)

Please, im beggin you . Let me love you . Maybe this is the last chance that i had . Maybe this is the last chance i cant  fall in love and love you for last .I dont know who where and when . Just lets me hold you and hold you till my last breathe . Atleast i still can smile when i give my last breathe . Lets me kiss you for once . Lets me hugs you for last.Lets walk on the moon and you were hold my hand tight . Lets do it . 

!! STOP IT !!

Im just missed to say a sweet words to my lover . 
Thats not sweet isnt? -.-' 
Okay , lets get over it . 
But if i had chance let me love someone like you NABIL :)
Who is he ? grrrrrrrr ~
Cant tell !

: Andainya dalam jagaku, bukannya mimpi namun realiti :)

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