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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Some of my friends out there will be askin me .
" Until when this relationship ?"
" Amonth, 3month ? "
Ive been relationship not only for once . 
I didnt count how many boyfriends boyfriends do i have .
But im only count how many boyfriends that accept me for really i am .
Include now its been like 4th lover that i really appriciatte them 
Im the person who really care about my relationship .
I wont stay if i cant 
But i will stay as the best i can.

Nahh, here the thing is .
My honey bunny got his first blackberry too . 
Hee, pity you honey. You' re a bit late then me .
But im still happy till death 
Cause atleast i can update my bbm status bout you .
Nahh, NOT AT ALL .
Its just more saving between us .
Am i right  BBM person ? 
:) Im wearing torch he wearing bold3  . Just nice !
Thanks honey cause do what i ask you too .
Say bye bye to android and angry bird cause you cant play them . Heeee 
ILOVEYOU cause you willing to put aside your fav game honey baause of me . 

Ill try to be the one the only for you :)

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