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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mencari kadang kadang tak sempurna .

Here the thing . Im not beautiful . And never dream of it . And i know i wont get that tittle at all . But this is complicated . Sometimes i feels like . Okay , im doing this like for god sake im too HOT and to DEMANDING . No im not . Maafkan saya , For those yang akan i keluarkan a lil bit of you guys . Or this one guys . Tak terlintas nak jadi kurang ajar ke apa . Tak terlintas nak buat you jadi tunggul ke apa . But please act like normal guys . Dont try too much . I need a boyfriends . But not like you . And i will not randomly take others as my partner okay ?

I layan you i make friends with you . Because i thought you were my cousin friends . So why not ill be good like i treat others . But you too much . Im not act like diva . I admit , you tak lah kacak mana . And i tak lawa mana . But being honestly you are not my type. And i dont care if im your type or what . And being more honestly i try to know you more . Cause i rasa , sampai bila nak memilih and sampai bila nak tunggu yang sesuai memang takkan ada . I try to know you more . But one thing . You annoying me so much .

I suka orang flirt i . But with a gentleman way . Not a cheap way. Call me sayang like 24,7 . Pretend like you care while you dont , and try to stop me here and there . Im askin you who really you are to do all that thing . Hello , we are not couple . Not yet and maybe not .Thats not cool dude .And sure thing girl will blah from you as soon as posible . Im not trying to be rude . But i thing you need a lesson . I heard a lot bout you . You annoying the others too . But them kept silence because a friends . But with me dude . This is not the way to flirt . Okay .

I know this is harsh . But please .I rimas bila orang suka kacau i . I rimas sangat . Kadang kadang rasa nak marah pun ada . But its okay  sebab you KAWAN COUSIN i . I made a mistakes actually giving my phone number to you . -.-' But its okay . Phone i ada pun macam tak ada . Cause im not the girl that will be hang with phone like 24,7 for god sake . No i will not be that girl .Okay? So tak perlu lah you tanya berulang kali why i did not reply your text or kenapa i tak mcg you langsung . That is the reason .

So IM SO SORRY . But its a good thing i did not mentioned your name here . But if you read this . Im so sorry :) I just feeling not comfortable with all of this . Sorry :)

Thanks :)

: Mencari kadang kadang tak sempurna ,   Menunggu kadang kadang tak selesa :)

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