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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quotes sometimes make us more happier .

Everytime she laugh
She hope he watching 
Not so that he seems happy 
But that maybe just maybe 
He'll fall for her smile 
Just as hard she feels for his .

There's a point in life when you get tired 
Of chasing everyone
And trying to fix everything 
But its not a giving up 
Its realizing that you dont need certain people
and their crap .

I was so in love with you and i am afraid to tell you 
So that you wouldnt know at all .

You love simple because you cannot help it .

♪ Somebody take the pain away
It’s like an ulcer bleeding in my brain
Send me to the pharmacy
So I can lose my memory ♫

~ I don’t want to move on but I have no choice. I’m sorry this magical ended with such a loud crash. 
Could it be that after all those times, I’m still holding on to our love? Why? Why does it still hurt that much after nearly a year? Why can’t I look at your face and smile? Why can’t I even see your pictures without droping tears? Why? Why? Why… 
It’s not like it does matter now.

♩I think they found another cure
For broken hearts and feeling insecure
You’d be surprised what I endure ♬

I write things and I keep delete them right away — In my head there’s a pretty big mess. I’m sick of it! Really. Don’t you think that I’m taking too much time to get over you? Tell me when it’s gonna be over ’cause I can’t stand this any longer. It hurt if you even cared. You hurted me on purpose and you live well after it. Because you’re not the one crawling in the dark, dwelling the consequences. 
I’ve once believe in our relationship, and I tried to hold on to it! But baby it won’t works if the other one makes everything harder and more complicated. Sometimes I’m asking myself if it’s really the gap between two different generations or it’s stubbornness!? I wish we could have another serious conversation, to look back and realise how things have changed. If only I didn’t hate you that bad after the disaster, if only I didn’t give up that easily
I’ve grown up, I’ve changed but you’re nowhere near to see nor to feel it. If only I could take back time and do it all over again. Maybe you would have walked away but at least I’ve tried.  

: Im standing on the moon with nothing left to do .With a lonely view of heaven ,but id rather be with you .

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