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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Specially for you .

\Sometimes all you need is a hug. Someone to call you pretty and give you a hug. Yes, this is more than enough, sometimes..
This post is dedicated to a very important person in my life. The one that means so much to me as a friend and a guy and the one who I've hurt the most in the past. I like to believe we two have a special something going on. Maybe some time in the future we will be together. Like, married or something. He is a true romantic and I'm well, not. Not even close enough.
He was the first to show me what strong feelings mean. And I smashed his heart to pieces. Cause I didn't care. I tried very much and for quite some years we call each other best friend -of the opposite sex .
Last night was the best night I've had this year. 
For 365 days, or nights, I was bored and bored and bored a little more. 
But yesterday he made me feel. Feel nice. 
And this is the nicest thing someone has done for me in quite some time. 
So, yeah, thank you. Don't ever leave my life..
A long dress, a white shirt, 4 glasses of white wine and many relationship issues later, 
we both felt dizzy enough to laugh at -seriously- nothing and talk nonsence.
 I needed that.

: I still have a large smile on my face. Enough said. Goodnight.

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