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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Spent time with my sista's .

Hey guys . Its 2pm  . And guess what ? Im still wearing my pyjama's and i still have " bedak sejuk " at my face and yeah ofcourse my breathe smell like hell . :) I got a phone call from my twin sista . They are coming at my home . Firstly my mom get upset and didnt want them to come over . Because of what ? Let its keep its secret . Its not like i have to tell you guys everything , LOL . I know you dont want to know " PUN" right ? :D They come over , and we having a lil chat , and ofcourse diorang kena smash dengan my mom . HAHA . Okay , its  too boring to know about it . -.-'  Then my sis told me that he want me to meet my dad that ive been like 6years i never met him for god sake even in same area , Penang . Can you guys imagine that ? OMG . that sucks isnt ? Okay , so i just wanna get over on everything so that i agree to meet my dad . :) And you guys know i change like 10 clothes just to meet dad ? But what i get ? I get dissapointed . The biggest give i think :) Thanks dad . Again you let me down . After 6years . Thanks again . But suprise, i didnt show my long face to my twin sista . I dont want to let my ego down just because i cant meet my dad . Okay , this sound sucks isnt ? :p So to release my tension i ask my sis go for shopping ! But im only bhought one sandal . so crowded . I dont know what to get . Like seriously i dont know what i need  . OMG . So then , im bhought some donuts from big apple. And we having it at Gurney Drive . :) I feels so happy . Cause i think this is the first time we having this chilling out like together sista . :) Iloveyou sista's . :) And thanks spending time with me . Ouh yea, sorry .. buat korang pusing whole penang . and and sorry banyak habbiskan duit korang utk makan . Kkeekeke . Better than shopping kan ? LOL . Will miss you guys <3

: Air dicincang takkan putuskan ? Hoping for the best  Insyallah . amin :)

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