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Saturday, September 3, 2011


Note to self:
If you over.think then you over.analyse and THEN you are miserable. Then you die, but this is another post.

If there was only ONE problem about me, that would be it. I let my mind think to much. It obviously affects my sleep too. Okay, everyone has boy troubles. I have always had boy troubles. What the fuck changed? Since when did I become that emotional?
Who can answer that..
I don't want to feel like that. I recently realised how difficult and heart-giving it is to tell somebody how you feel. Even the short version of what you were about to say. And it sucks.

I read somewhere that
"you are responsible for your own happiness".
I cannot agree more with that phrase.
Every girl around me is wearing skirts. I want that too, I'm not ready though. Jealous as hell, but don't let the carbs find you, otherwise you don't deserve jean skirts. That's how it goes, right?

E is coming for dvd and sleepover and she well informed me she is bringing chocolate. Lol this is SO funny.. she has boy troubles and thinks we can get away by getting fat. No thanks..
Tea please cause I'm not gonna be the single AND fat girl. If anything I will be the single-skinny-stylish one (three S's, I like that).

Oh I'm rambling and she is about to come
Kisses, girLs*

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