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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Who worth it ?

Such a blah day. And lonely. Even if I don't feel lonely, I force myself to. Stupid music, the fact that my mood swings from black to white within seconds along with emotional songs have really affected me. Yes, I even binged a little.But on another (yet related) topic how does everyone feel the urge to prove me there is love? How dare they? I haven't seen any love, obviously haven't let myself feel it and I'm pretty sure it's all a lie. I'm not a slut I'm just very pro to the all "why bother?" situation. I don't want to get hurt over bullshit.Complicated situations, mean people, liars, cheaters, other really moody people and the damaged ones. That's who are out there. Why try to "give your heart" to someone like this?
And why would someone sane trust me with his heart? Anyone who tried in the past 3, maybe 4 guys got theirs smashed in little pieces. Of course I was really sorry afterwards, but a disaster it was.

: I'm just asking in general, WHY BOTHER?

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