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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday?

Begin with something .

There is no such a thing of Wordless Wednesday. 
Cause like seriously it always more than word we can describes . 
Even a second still we got a word to describes .
Am i got something to tell you guys today ? 
Yes , totally got a thing to tell you guys .

Am i okay ?

So why would you ask the same thing again ? Cause ill never change . Ill be the same 

Okay, IM OKAY.

I dont feel that :(

Dont you leave me .
Please change your mind . 
Why you have to move far away .
Why you have too ?
Friends and family are here , include me too .
Why honey ? 
And if you wish too , 
Im promise you ill never be the same .

Ill be such a bithcy .
Ill will flirt with this guys .
 And this guys . And the other till i forget bout you .

Ill make this as my everyday breakfast, lunch and dinner even supper .

Ill be like this .

Like this .

And Like this .

So can you promise do not move to far places, make me hurt more and miss you more . please .
Istill need you .
 I still miss the kisses
I still miss the voice
I still miss the hugs
I still miss everything bout and i loveyou .

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