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Thursday, September 15, 2011

You love me I love you back.

In this world got two different type of people .
Good or bad . And everyone i mylife . I never assume them as bad people .
Imma bad person and i never make friends with people that i dont comfortable with and never make a friends with those who bad people. Cause everyone in mylife . Good from everything every sight of their self :) 

Whatever whoever whenever 
Remember i always love them
I dont care what they say 
I dont care what they care or what they didnt 
For me i will try so hard to please them 
Cause i know i cant hurt one of them

So can you do the same thing?

 I still can remember what my Bestfriend told me once .

"No need to please others because at the end they will never care about us ." 

But too bad ,im not my bestfriend. I cant do that way to people . Sometimes i maybe say something bad or something harsh but for god sake.Deep inside my heart .I never meant that way . 

And i do love everyone who impact my life .

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