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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Im dare for myself .

Cintailah seseorang kerana kekurangannya, kerana suatu saat nanti kamu akan bahagia dengan kelebihannya…dan jangan pernah mencintai seseorang dengan kelebihannya, kerana suatu saat nanti kamu pasti kecewa ketika kamu tahu kekurangannya" 

Jodoh adalah perkara yang sudah ditetapkan oleh Allah yang maha Esa. Tetapi bagaimana kita mengetahui dia memang ditakdirkan untuk kita? Allah SWT mengurniakan manusia telinga untuk mendengar, mata untuk melihat dan akal untuk berfikir. Jadi gunakan sebaik-baiknya bagi mengungkapkan rahsia cinta yang ditakdirkan.

Kadang orang berkata, adakah kita tiada rasa atau perasaan.. Seolah memandang hina akan diri kita.. Dalam menjejak mimpi yang dulu hilang.. Dan sebenarnya orang itu tidak tahu.. Kita masih ada harga diri yang tinggi.. Menanti nilai cinta suci dan bukan hanya semudah menerima sesiapa saja..

Heyy , i learn something . I learn something when i be rejected . Korang mestti cakapke tak malu ke nak cerita hal kena reject dekat public . Actually i bukannya 101% kena reject by him . Its just dia nak hubungan kami tak ada ikatan . Dia masih layan i dengan baik dia masih hormat dia masih manjakan i . And even masa i cakap i nak tinggalkan dia and lupakan dia dari life i , dia masih halang i . And itu buat i kuat even i tahu sampai bila i nak tunggu dia . Tapi sebab hati i dah terikat dengan dia . I have too even though its hurt too much . Humm, must be something about him that make me cant get away from him . GUYS ! i wont stay for something that had nothing . No , Like i say . He is different . He got something that other guys didnt . Funny jugak kadang kadang bila dia cakap dia jahat . Dia bukan orang yang baik . Dia pernah buat jahat dulu . And i was like ." Honey that is your past. Im here now is new topic . And i dont want too bring back your past story "  Right? Kalau korang pon , takkan korang nak hidup dengan masa lepas dia dulu . Sedangkan sekarang dia dah berubah . And kalau you guys nak tahu . Muka dia totally nerdy habis . And he's cute . And bila dia cakap dia buat hal itu ini dulu . I gave him a big laugh . Tak sesuai sangat utk dia buat semua tuh . And that is what people say dont judge a book by its cover isnt ? He gave the best word that i should stay survive and alive not for him but for my own. He the best ive ever had . And i will win his heart .. And i will changed for him . DONT ASK ME , " either he ask me too ? " NO ! he never ask me to changed for him . But i really want to changed cause of him . I want to prove to him that better be with me ! DAMN im inlove with him like hell! Long time already i didnt feel this feeling ! OMG ! yes, i admit its hurt when you loved someone than you know that you cant hold them for too long . Yeah , I know it . But i love him . I cant get over him . That its . I dont know whay im gonna do if he not be by myside .
Dear sayang , you know i love you so much  . Please jangan ambil kesempatan atas perasaan i . I know you akan selalu ada dengan i . And i know you takkan biarkan i lonely . I know that . :) what i really hope . Dont hurt me more . :) Enough when i cant have you  . 
Thanks ALLAH given me him :) Even i cant hold him :)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

" Its hurt "

Hye guys , feels like a years i didnt post anything new . 
Sorry ive been busy with my friends family and heartbreak. :)
 See, i can still smile .
 I got something to share . :)
 Please dont judge me . 

" There is one boy , suddenly private text a girl. " Hye there , can i have your #bbpin ." 
And the girl keep that message for like 2days . Never replied . Never smile . 
The next day , she reply the private text to that  boy . " Here is mine ****** :) " 
And the girl got request from him on #BBM .
And start on that day . They keep texting each other . And like always the girl easily fall in love . 
Silly isnt ? But when its come to feeling there is so unpredictable .
No one's know when we can break our heart . Happier . No one does . 
Everytime she texting with that boy . She keep smiling .The boy is out of what the girl hoping for .The boy kinda nerd and still cute . They keep contact each other .And day by day they become closer .
The girl try not to expose her feeling . But there is no way to hide our feeling isnt ? She cry sometimes when she know she not deserve that boy . She loved that boy and she know she got limit  stay closed . She know between her and that boy so different . She know better that she not deserve the boy . She try to move on and stick with other . And too bad she keep missing that boy . Love, unpredictable isnt? Its doesnt care when,who,where its just fall in love . And that what that girl feel . Sometimes she cant control her feeling . She cant control how much she loved that boy . And a lil arguement always happen . And atlast the boy still there . 
The best thing is  the girl try to make he hate her . Saying harsh words ,high voice ,accused him anything that she liked and that boy still standing there . And that make she loved him so much . 
One day she try to tell everything to that boy eventhought she already know the answer . 
She know she will cry whole day and she already prepare other guys to make her stop thinking about that boy . She's knew this is rude . But what else she can do . Humm too bad ,whatever she trying too . She still cant get over that guys . She have been like for 2 days Didnt text too much, didnt bbm too much , call , facebook . She try too control . Even inside she is dying cause actually she feels hurt and missed him like hell . Because she used to be with that boy like 24/7 . She know that boy know what she feel about him . But that boy try  not going to that topic . One day that girl trying to be honest . All because of jelousy feeling . She to jelous when that boy actually connected with other girl . While she know she even do the same .
She telling him everything about how she felt , how much she hurt , how sick she had to stay on with all of this feeling . She cant hide no more . NO LONGER . "HURT" . That what she feel .  She know she even feel hurt now when the boy . Cant accept her . NO . She not asking for him to accept her as a lover NO . She just need him to stay and be there always with her . And that what the guys do it now . The boy just cannot be in relationship now cause he just started his career . I bet she understand it . , " CINTA BARU DITOLAK " and i know she hurt and crying now . She know she shouldnt do that . But she cant control . And all comes out . Plus the boy never let her down unless put  aside about the relationship only .The boy still treating her the best he can . The best she deserved . IMISSYOU never stop come out from the boy . And that make she hurt more cause she cant permanently have him as her heart . And today , She spoke to that boy . She crying while onthephone .She know something is missing . She know she cant go on . because she loved him . She drunk that night . She drunk because she cant accept the fact is he cannot be her's. She cant controlled everything . She cant handle the thing . And she prefer to be alone . She flirt with other to make him jealous . She being so rude to him just because to make he hate her . But too bad , This boy still standing there like hoping with nothing .And that make more hurt too that girl . She feel so bad and she crying all night . Only god know how much she loved him . Only god know how much she will try so hard to changed herself to be a better women for him and her future. Only god know that she will stay with the boy even far away from her friend and family . She loved the boy . Only god know how she felt now . No one's know how she felt cause she keep in herself . She let the scar reheal by itself . She let it be even its hurt . Now the scar will be more bigger and more hurts because she gonna leaving the guys . Forever . 
Cause she not meant to be with the guys . "

And today she wrote something for that boy . 

" You , i bet you understand and you know how i feel about you. And you tahu i memang sayangkan you. You ask me to stay as a friend but sometimes you treat me so sweet and that more than a friend . You realizekan i jarang bbm you for these few day .Since malam tuh . Its hard for me too describes , I know we just met each other . And you know i cant control my feeling . You are different,kimi.Funny isnt? you are the first nerdy man that i know in my life that been so sweet and cute and im just inlove . i know you tak suka i drunk and else . I know , and malam tuh mmg i tak nak buat but then something come out from your mouth isnt? That word hurt me sayang . Humm, I cant stay actually . I cant barely to see you . I tak sanggup nak tengok muka you . Sebab i takut i tak boleh lupakan you . Sebab i sedar diri and i realize you and me are not meant together . And you are inlove with others. I know it . Dont hide from me .And you know what , dah lama i tak rasa benda ni , and ididnt wish for it. I tak nak perasaan ni pon . I taknak sayangkan you pon . But i cant stop my feeling and i cant stop everything what have done . What i can stop now its just , stop seeing you , stop calling you , stop missing you . Kimi i tau you bosan and muak dengan i . I tahu . And that hurt bila i actually terpaksa pretend everything okayy while it dont . Its hurt actually . Hurt so much . And i terpaksa pretend that i dont care tapi yang sebenarnya bagai nak mati i peduli pasal you . This ego keeping me alive . This ego sometime saving me for more hurt . Sometimes its kills me . I tau you still nak berkawan . And please bagi masa utk i sekarang utk lupakan you dari hati i . I know you annoying with this and i know you wont reply this . And i know you wont care at all . I sayang you and i nak sangat jumpa on this weekend . But trust me , Its more hurt kalau i jumpa you and i love you more and i cant even forget about you . Let me be the one with this silly face . Let me be the one with this silly feeling . All i want you to be , Stay happy and i wanna you to be happy with the one you loved . I know you will .And honey please forgive me with this annoying attitude . All i can say it hurt when i still closed with you . Malam tadi masa kita oncall , im crying lastly when you told me , " KITA KAWAN JELAHH " Its hurt me . Cause i love you more . And i cant pretend stay as your friend while i love you more than a friend . Maafkan i sebab i TERsayangkan you . Dont worry . I will stop it now . All i need you to be happy and take care of yourself for me .Please do it for me . 

-ell- "

: feeling its sometimes not the best thing you had .

Friday, October 14, 2011


Because I need you more than you need me
Because I want you more, I know
Because we move too fucking fast
I think I really had to wish to make this last, I know
I’m sorry, please forgive me
Believe me if you want
Because I cared way more
Because I really felt that you felt so much more, I know
I’m sorry, please forgive me

I've got something to say to you, does it hurt that we don't talk anymore?
You know that it hurts me too, the way I'm feeling when you don't call. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Same thing .

Cepat Marah 
Terlalu ikut perasaan .
Jelous .

Okay, i mengaku ini memang perangai i . 
And its not easy to change it .
That is why i always say that i need someone that can handle all of this .
Maybe itu perangai yang mungkin susah orang nak terima but infact .
Ada jugak yang cakap . 

Sensitif *cuma different contoh kuat merajuk

See, ada different tau . 
Orang yang tak berapa kenal i je tau judge tak tentu hala orang yang kenal takkan juge i tak tentu hala okay .
Even memang apa benda yang korang cakap tuh betul 
Memang perangai i macam tuh
But i buat bersebab 
Kalau korang tak buat hal takkan lah i nak buat perangai huduh macam tuh kan ?
So conclusion dia bukan semua perangai jahattttt je , and baikkk je . 
there is negative an positive behaviour that we have to learn and live with it . 
Thanks ;)

Nothing bad.

Hey , remember bout 3guys .
The best thing is im leaving all 3of them .
Cant see they hurt 
Cant imagine how if im hurt .
So this is my choice 
Im not happy and luckily im still have other friends that can chill me up .
Well, here the thing i can say 
Im single 
and there is nothing bad being single 
its just when have to make a choice an the one that we choose 
its not like what we thought 
That getting bad . :)


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Happy Saturday Honey !

 Awak today is Saturday 
Surething will be blessed of ALLAH again alhamdulillah
Everything will be so fine , insyallah
Awak, Im happy cause atleast you still here with me .
Thanks awak .

: Family , Friends , Beloved :)

This is kind of joke ?

I have single not in short time .
And there's a lot of people that i meet, that i get intouch , that i fall in love.
But no ones of them, tried so hard to make me fall in love with them
But not like now .
Suddenly, it was like accidentally , 
I have A , B , and C .
3 different person now 
That trying so hard to get closed 
And i dont even know how to make choice 
My mom say never choose just pick the one who loves you the most 
But sure thing they are love me but im not so inlove with them.

And im not gonna be the one 
Dont say that " Am i pretty much for people to fall in love ? "
I never ask them too .
Beside im struggles with so many thing that too complicated
Sometimes i dont even know how life work.
Sometimes i dont even know what i really need and what i dont in my life .
Do you guys feel the same 
Im not the one with 101% of confindent 
I admit that im not .
Sometimes i stand at one place 
Tears suddenly come out 
And im askin my self ? 
What more that i should change ? 
What more that i should give ?
What more that i should learn ?
To many thing too change 
To many thing too give 
To many thing too learn 
And sometimes give you a big whole deep inside of your heart.
Did you ever think and figure out how to make it full .
Cause i know what place i am 
Cause i know what im deserve most .
People, dont judge easily 

Back to this 3guys 

Like this A , He got a good job , Never stop care about me . He love me .And i love him too .
The point is Am i deserve him ?
Wait dont comment anything yet .
Lets talk about B one.

Like B , He taking degree , He like chipsmore .But when he around he never wasted any second with me .
He will tryin so hard to make me feel better . And yea , im kinda like him.
The point is Am i deserve him?

The C guys, my exboyfriend . He annoying me ofcourse but somehow he still being so sweet and the sweet thing not really make me feel better . Only the memory remind me of everything and im appriciatte him .
And im really dont want to let him down Cause the reason we break-up before because of me . 
Im too pushy . ! :(
So is this man should be mine ? Or im deserve to him ? 

This is the normally question and reason why i so hard to being in serious relation when comes to people that love me . Cause ill think it back , "Am i the right one for him ? How if one day he left me when im give everything to him ? How if his family cant accept me ?" 
This all the reason that always be in my toplist of reason that sometimes not reasonable.
This is messy you guys know it isnt ? 
And im get myself by myself in this shit.
Why wouldnt be so easy? 
Just say YES when a guys prupose me to be ? isnt ?
But im the person who think to future .
Hurt  ?
Just like my bestfriend .
That is why sometimes i hurt my self before i get hurt .
Cause like if kill my self it wouldnt be so pain and hurt so bad better than someone killed us . 
Can you imagine ? 
We just taking alot of sleeping pills and the next day we woke up 
We in HELL !
And how if we killed by someone ? 
They stabbed us like thousand pieces? 
They burn us ? 
They burried us alive ?
That more hurt 
The same situation 
Hurt my self better than hurt by someone.
So tell me again what choice that i have now ?
Give me the answer HOW ?
How im supposed handle this ?
Ouh MAN ! im sick to this .
Dont ask me to find a scandal or what .
Cause im not  that type .
Im prefer a relationship 
But too bad im scared to have one :(
C O M P L I C A T E D .
So i decide to go with flow .
Eventhough its hurt so bad 
But well 
Lynda is tough isnt ?
She can handle this isnt ? HAHA

Smile for me babe , cause when you smile other people will . :)

"The best thing about acting is that I get to lose myself in another character and actually get paid for it. It's a great outlet. As for myself, I'm not sure who I am. It seems that I change every day."- Leonardo DiCaprio

"I don't want to be a babe. I don't want vanity to ever get in the way, because I think to maintain that, you have to be aware of yourself all the time, and that gets in the way of living. My job's not to be the beautiful person. My job is to be the best person I can be.

"There is never a better measure of what a person is than what he does when he's absolutely free to choose." - William M. Bulger

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up." - Thomas Edison

"We must be willing to let go of the life we have planned, so as to have the life that is waiting for us." -E. M. Forster

This is my day .

Im Happy atleast no worries for now on .  
So many thing going so unwell before .
But Alhamdulilah pray to Allah 
Today better than before .
And i hope so tomorow and the next day will be the same 
There is tears , did you see it ? 
I can see it  
Stop crying cause you are not good with tears :)
And im glad cause im still being me and me and me . 
Atleast im not hypocrite now :)
Thanks to everyone around me 
Still stay side of me 
And care about me 
And ofcourse ilove people around me that closed with me 
Family Friend and Lover 
You guys are priceless :)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Wordless Thursday .

Aku nak mengadu boley ? 

Memang ini tempat aku lepas geram , sedih , menangis tawa ria happy , semua disini . 
Mungkin ini effect akibat tak cukup tido and suka abaikan tido .
Sudah jangan cakap apa apa lagi .
Yang pasti aku memang kusut sangat 
Aku tak ada masalah dengan family dengan kawan even a special 
Cuma aku rasa serba kekurangan dekat diri aku and buat aku rasa lemah 
And hari ni aku rasa aku hilang mood sangat sangat 
Aku tido pukul 7pagi , aku bangun pukul 11pagi 
Aku jaga mandi makan kemas rumah ,
Aku masuk bilik , kunci pintu amik bantal pelok dan aku pandang ke dinding 
Tetiba aku nangis 
Aku tak nak nangis pun
Tapi sumpah dia mengalir sendiri 
Betul .
Aku tak tau apa yang aku fikir tapi sumpah aku kusut 
Sedangkan aku tak ada masalah dengan semua dah . 
My family were fine , My friend awesome , And special really good to me .
So what more that ive been thinking up ?
Dah, its up to 11.32pm and im still moody .

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New Stalker ?

Lately i always saw my livefeed one of them from Australia ?
yeah , arrived from my ex friends blog . 
but i know its not her .
Who that shit ? 
I know you reading this .
keep stalk make you look awesome dont you ? 

You drop at my blog then her blog , 
Mine and her .
Her and mine .
What are you trying to find ?


Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Dear Amie ,
You make me smile,
You make me laugh,
You make me happy
You make me pissed off
You make me sad
You make me cry

And the best thing is whatever you do i still there cause you are always beside me no matter what you did to me.

The day .PLAY



Rules: It's harder than it looks! Copy to your own blog, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag five people including the person who tagged you. Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions. They have to be real..nothing made up! IF the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answers. You cannot use any word twice and you can't use your name for the boy/girl name question.

What is your name: NORSYAZDLINDA
A four letter word: NOOB
A boy's name: NAZRIN
A girl's name: NANA
An occupation: NOTHING
Something you'll wear: NICE
A type of food: Nasi Lemak
Something found in the bathroom: Nak cari berus gigi ? :D
A place: Negeri Sembilan
A reason for being late: Nak berak!
Something you'd shout: Nie hang!
Something you drink: Nescafe
A musical group: Nirvana ? HAHA
An animal: Nandoo 
A type of car: New mercedes benz
A type of fruit: Nenas

Tag diri sendiri please :p

Tak sudah sudah masalah .

Situation .

Si Anak Sedara menghantar message yang agak annoying .

Si Ibu Sedara yang number 4 pissed off lalu mengadu kepada Ibu sedara yang Kedua dan Kelima 

Ibu sedara yang 5 panas hati lalu telah menyuarakan kepada Si Anak Sedara .

Lalu mereka  berbalah melalui message dalam 5 6 message .
 Akhirnya , Si Anak Sedara memohon maaf.

Yang Ibu Sedara Ke2 dan Ke4 hanya terdiam .
*see siapa yang nampak jahat ? 


Sudahlah itu , si suami Anak Sedara pula membuat muka . dan membuat perangai yang sangat annoying dan buatkan hilang rasa hormat padanya . MAAF .

Jangan buka aib keluarga yang dah berpuluh tahun dengan kita kepada sang suami yang tak sampai 2tahun memiliki kita . ITU BODOH!


Kawan , 
Aku sedar aku silap dalam setengah hal yang buat semua kabut .
Tapi Demi Tuhan niat aku lain . 
Tak ada niat nak pecah belahkan kau , dia ke siapa ke. 
Aku bukan jenis yang suka rosakkan hubungan tanpa sebab 
Dan aku bukan jenis yang macam tu .
Aku mengaku SILAP bila aku buat satu benda dengan drastik dan aku tak fikir akibat 
Macam kau bilang, 
" Seolah olah kau tikam aku bila kau tikam dia " 
Ini bukan soal tikam sesiapa .
Sama macam kau kawan
Aku sayangkan sahabat aku .
" Seolah olah kau kata dekat aku bila kau kata dekat dia "
Aku dekat sini aku tak senyum dan ketawa 
Kadang kadang aku fikir 
Semua benda jadi dan buat kau jauh 
Kau tahu aku dia dan dia tak ada masalah langsung dengan kau 
Yee aku faham kerana cinta kau harus  buat begitu 
Dan aku tak salah kan kau bila kau salahkan aku 
Sebab aku tahu kalau aku ditempat kau mungkin aku buat yang sama
Akuu tahu hubungan kau dan aku takkan sama macam selalu 
Tak ada lagi ucuk dan baby .
Tak ada lagi manja manja 
Tak ada lagi nak enjoy sesama 
Sebab kau tahu kan 
Kau aku yang punya minat yang sama . 
Tapi semua ini takkan ada lagi sebab aku dan kekasih kau sudah sepakat membuat pilihan .
" Tiada lagi ikatan antara kami"
Aku tahu akan susah mana nak jaga hati kawan mana nak jaga hati kekasih
Aku faham kawan. 
Kalau aku ditempat kau aku  susah .
Fikir yang terlalu banyak 
Tak mampu nak tanggung
Kesilapan dia  dan aku sama .
Dua dua silap
Tapi benda dah jadi 
Bukan boleh padam
Aku sangat berharap kalau aku boleh padamkan salah silap aku .
Tapi hanya harapan kan ?
Kawan , bukan dengan kau aku rasa salah 
Dengan semua 
Kawan , aku harap kawa faham 
Kau masih kawan aku .
Dan selamanya . 
Maafkan aku .
Kerana aku dan dia 
Semua jadi celaru .
Aku silap dan ye aku kecewa
Tapi semua dah terjadi 

: " Nothing can turn back on time just go with the flow "

Sunday, October 2, 2011

semua nya dua

Ada dua jejaka 
A & K
Ada dua perangai 
Ada dua wajah 
Ada dua mata yang bulat dan bundar
Ada bibir yang merah jambu ada yang kelabu 
Ada yang hitam rambut ada yang perang rambut 
Ada yang nerd ada yang metal 
Ada yang sweet ada yang gatal
Mereka dua lelaki berbeza penuh berbeza
Tapi ada satu yang sama  
Dua dua mencari cinta . 
Dua dua mengharap kasih 
Dan hanya aku susah nak buat pilihan . 

: Single itu ada kelebihan . :)

One thing for sure .

I know im not the best ever for bestfriend . 
Cause i did say something bad for my bestfriend sometimes .
Only when i get mad .
But still mybestfriend is on top and i love her and i love our friendship . :)

Funny .

When two beautiful girl arguing of stupid thing . 
We didnt look silly but when u think it back . 
Its make us look cute 
HAHAHAHAHAHA , let me laugh first .
Okay .
This should be the ending .
I dont want to hear nothing no more .
Take Care EXFRIEND :)