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Friday, January 6, 2012

Its about 2012 :)

Hey guys ! OMG! 
Feels like a years i didnt post anything . 
Well, im getting better i guess , alhamdulillah . 
More happier with my love life now . 
Her perfectly right for me. 
Insyallah . I will take care oure relation as long as i can . Amin .
Well , since my last year post .
OMG can u see that feels like ayear isnt ? HAHA 
Okay my last post about my two BF's well now they are my Ex's bf . 
Okay im not PLAYGIRL . 
Please for god sake dont put me on the list .
Im just searching for the right .
and now alhamdulillah , i have found my Mr ,Right .
Azim Farhan , alhamdulillah . 
He treat me well , our relation start on early of Dec  2011. 
Well i guess and i hope he will last long atleast please , 
Ilovehim for god sake . 
He really the man that i am looking for .
Perfect as lover Perfect as husband .Amin .
All my life i need him .
My focus on him . 
Aslong he treat me well and never cheat on me . 
Insyallah . 
Our relation will last long.
Amin .

This is my soulmate . ILOVEHIM .
He the one for me .
Please Never take away from me .
Dear Boo , 
I know im not the perfect lover .
And i know im not the perfect soulmate .
But boo , you teach me how to love ,
How to be love,
How to give and take .
And i love every single part about you b . 
I never cant live without you .
You are my perfect drug right now .
And insyallah forever please . AMin :)

And about my wish for 2012 .
I just need new job new good life .
that its .
Im tired being lynda jobless for like a years weyhh !
Thats is not a short time for me okay !

Okay guys meet you again , insyallah . :)
well , take care :)
Thanks for read my latest post .
Hoepfully everything going so well for all of you.
Assalamuailaikum :)

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