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Friday, February 24, 2012

How did you handle it ?

The best thing get in my life when i have all the people that i love surrounding me . 
The sadness thing is when i knew they not gonna be forever surround me . 
Life isnt complicated . 
We make it be . 
We love how life ruin, isnt ? 
We love when it get messed ?
And nothing left to make it right . 
You dont ? 
And tell me why did you always make it in mess ? 
Dont tell me you dont know how it happen 
When you know you always make thing difficult .
You dont know how to stop it in mean time you always make it work ? 
Dont always judge people when you knew something is wrong . 
Why dont you make it all easier and why you have to make difficult thing to others ?
Those thing not make you down but make you realize how life work . 
Something somehow will crashed your life someday 
But it wont last it wont forever stay . 
You can changed it anytime anyhow . 
And when it comes do not stand and watch . 
Life isnt hard , isnt easy too . 
But life can be so easier when you know what are you doing . 

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