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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sort of.

Well, Hello Guyss ! :)
Im fine thank you . Which is i know you guys wouldnt care pon kan ? :p
There's not much about me to story to make a headline .
But i guess Im kinda blushing when of my guy friend was reading my blog and he told me ,
" Well , i read your blog. Nice . banyak love storyy . wehuu~'
Okay im a bit ashamed . But well i know i shouldnt because i create this blog and i wrote on this blog which is to share with all of you :)
Eeerr, i wish i dont want to post any love story anymore -.-
Mesti korang rasa im so boringgg .
And full of love story which sucks. -.-'
Im sorry doesnt mean nak bosankan koranggg .
Well i taklah membosankan actually . hehehe .
So guys, actually there's alot been in my mind .
Which is i dont what to do .

One of them is moving to KUALA LUMPUR .
Actually ada baik dan buruk jugak .
But i dont know . Too confuse to make any decision which is im not good with it .
So i will move there if any job offer that suitable with their payment .
So guys really need your help if you heard any vacancy please share with me .
Hopefully nearby Ampang and Cheras will be good . :)

And second of it .............
I think ive met FUTURE HUSBAND .
OMG ! He is too perfecto for someone like me .
Which is not a social person , good future, good job , good attitude ,sweet person , caring .
I think im in love . :)
OMG . kbai .

see you again next post . :)
daaaa ~

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